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How to use the Synthetic Diamond Screener II by Presidium (and a review of this testing equipment)

By Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG

Founder & Course Creator


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The first YouTube video by THE GEM ACADEMY has landed. This focuses on the Synthetic Diamond Screener II by Presidium (also known as the SDS II) - a popular screening tool for separating laboratory-grown diamonds.

This equipment is designed for testing colourless, loose or single-stone jewellery items. Simply place the stone/jewellery item in the equipment and click the "start" button. Within 3 seconds - you get a result! Possible results indicate the diamond is "Natural" or a "Type IIa". The latter result means the stone could be either a natural diamond or a laboratory-grown diamond and requires further testing. Check out how to use the SDS II:

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This equipment reliably refers all colourless laboratory-grown diamonds for further testing and, therefore, is an excellent tool for separating these stones from natural diamonds. The SDS II cannot identify diamond simulants/imitations. These should always be identified through different methods.

The SDS II uses shortwave ultraviolet light to categorise colourless diamond materials into one of two diamond types; Type Ia and Type IIa. Type Ia colourless diamonds are always of natural origin and, therefore, can be concluded to be natural diamonds. Type IIa diamonds require further testing as they could be either natural or synthetic. 1-2% of natural diamonds are diamond Type IIa whereas 100% of laboratory-grown diamonds are this diamond type.

This YouTube video was written, produced and edited by Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG. Julia discusses the theory behind why the SDSII works, how to use the equipment, as well as a full review discussing all the limitations she has found when testing her own laboratory-grown diamond collection.

This video also refers to the results obtained from the ASSURE Testing Program. This program rigorously tests screening equipment designed for laboratory-grown diamond identification. It is run by the Natural Diamond Council, and releases its results for free to the public. This is an excellent resource for those thinking about purchasing detection equipment for laboratory-grown diamonds. Check out the ASSURE Testing Program for yourself.



This equipment is amongst the most affordable of screening tools. Screening tools are those that separate natural diamonds from potentially laboratory-grown diamonds with simple-to-use equipment.

Get 10% off with discount code JGSDSII when you purchase this testing equipment from Presidium's website. This offer will get you the best price available for UK purchasers, totalling around £535*. *This price refers to an exchange rate of 0.54, and includes the 10% discount, P&P and import fees, saving you approximately £100 compared with UK suppliers.

Get 10% discount code: JGSDS2


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