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London Workshop

Discover the secrets of identifying laboratory-grown diamonds at my signature workshop in Central London.

"This workshop is an absolute must for all gemmologists, valuers, and jewellery professionals"

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Upcoming workshops

  • Identifying laboratory-grown diamonds
    Identifying laboratory-grown diamonds
    Fri, 05 Jul
    The Goldsmith Centre
    05 Jul 2024, 09:30 – 16:30 BST
    The Goldsmith Centre, 42 Britton St, London EC1M 5AD, UK
    05 Jul 2024, 09:30 – 16:30 BST
    The Goldsmith Centre, 42 Britton St, London EC1M 5AD, UK
    Confidently identify laboratory-grown diamonds with my 7-step guide to identification.

The Goldsmith Centre
42 Britton Street


Participants in this intensive one-day workshop will acquire a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, enabling them to confidently discuss, analyse, and differentiate laboratory-grown diamonds from natural diamonds. With access to over sixty samples of laboratory-grown diamonds, attendees will be guided through a structured 7-step identification process.


  • Enhance your confidence and ability to identify laboratory-grown diamonds.

  • Avoid future buying mistakes of undisclosed laboratory-grown diamonds.

  • Learn about the many identification features of laboratory-grown diamonds from observation to more advanced tests.

  • Benefit from Julia Griffith's expertise as she leads you through her comprehensive 7-step guide to identification.

  • Enjoy a wealth of knowledge about production and current issues with identification.

Course details

A practical workshop designed for everyone working with diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds.


This course:

  • One-day (7 hour) workshop

  • CPD Accredited

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • Hosted regularly in Central London

Entry requirements

Proficient use of loupe and tongs required.



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The course was excellent. Really an excellent day. Julia is full of information, has a great disposition and makes it all fun, interesting and useful.

Louisa Guiness

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If you work with diamonds... you need to do this workshop. It was simply excellent... I left having the confidence I wanted.

Kerry Gregory

5 stars gold.jpg


This workshop is an absolute must for all gemmologists, valuers and jewellery professionals. The day is exceptionally well structured with plenty of stones for participants to inspect and screen using the instruments available. I genuinely cannot fault it and thoroughly recommend to all.

Shelley Keating

Julia is a fantastic teacher. The course was interesting, fun and I feel confident in the skills I’ve now developed from attending her lab-grown diamond identification course.


I cannot recommend this course highly enough for anyone working with diamonds, especially valuers, auctioneers or buyers who buy outside the trade. Laboratory-grown diamonds have already and will continue to cross your desk; you need to be able to spot them!

Gareth Brown

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