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IGI stops inscribing 'LAB GROWN' on girdles

Updated: Jan 26

By Julia Griffith

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has discontinued inscribing the words 'LAB GROWN' on laboratory-grown diamonds. Initially unsure if this was newsworthy as this change occurred nearly a year ago, a recent conversation with fellow jewellery enthusiasts convinced me that this information deserves attention...

Previously, all laboratory-grown diamonds assessed by IGI would bear the inscription 'LAB GROWN [IGI logo] LG[Report Number]' on the girdle. However, stones from early February 2023 now simply feature an inscription reading '[IGI logo] LG[Report Number]'.

The abbreviation 'LG' represents 'laboratory-grown' and now serves as the only disclosure for laboratory-grown origin on the actual stone.


Why is this significant?

Especially for stones that are not accompanied by a physical report:

  • The disclosure is now less conspicuous for these laboratory-grown diamonds.

  • The distinctive 'LG' prefix indicating laboratory-grown origin can be concealed behind a setting.

  • For those expecting to find 'LAB GROWN' inscribed on the girdle of graded laboratory-grown diamonds, its absence might lead them to mistakenly perceive the stone as a natural diamond.

Moving forward

Expect no 'LAB GROWN' inscription on laboratory-grown diamonds graded by IGI. A brief investigation online has revealed that stones graded from early February 2023 onwards will lack this specific inscription.

To determine whether a stone is associated with a natural diamond or laboratory-grown diamond report by the inscription alone, it's crucial to observe the beginning of the report number and ascertain the presence (or lack) of the 'LG' prefix.

Full view of the inscription is necessary to match it to a physical report or to verify a report number online.

For all report numbers linked to natural diamonds:

Verification of natural diamonds is now essential as cases of fraudulent inscriptions on laboratory-grown diamonds are increasing.


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