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Laboratory-grown diamonds


Greenwashing and sustainability

Let's dive into the processes that occur BEFORE laboratory-grown diamonds are made and discuss green claims and greenwashing of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Laboratory-grown diamonds that don't test as 'diamond'

Some laboratory-grown diamonds test as synthetic moissanite. What is going on here?

Laboratory-grown diamonds are artificially produced diamonds.

Named 'synthetic diamonds', 'laboratory-grown diamonds' or 'laboratory-created diamonds', these stones share the same essential chemical composition and crystal structure as diamond.


The key difference is that they were grown by people as opposed to forming naturally - affecting availability and price. 

Here at The Gem Academy, we explore the story surrounding laboratory-grown diamonds from their growth to identification. Explore this page to gain a refreshing insight into this fascinating topic.

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Laboratory-grown diamonds are just as hard as diamond.

Just as sparkly.

They are the same material.

However, they possess a few key differences that allow us to separate them from natural diamond.

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Laboratory-grown diamonds are made in factories.

There are two main processes:


These processes are completely different to one another. The results stones have different identification features.


'factory-grown' - what should they be called?

Let's talk terminology.

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Dive a bit deeper into the HPHT and CVD production processes of laboratory-grown diamonds.

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Online Courses

The Gem Academy offers online courses on laboratory-grown diamond production and identification. If you are in the business, you'll want to find out more...

up to 85% cheaper

Diamond and laboratory-grown diamonds are the same material. However, due to different origins - diamond and laboratory-grown diamonds are different products that have different values.


The replicable nature of laboratory-grown diamonds results in lower prices. They currently trade at an average of 15-25% of the price of a comparable natural diamond. Although some of the smaller sizes are showing price stability, the retail prices of larger stones continues to be unstable.

Pros of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Prices, quality and design. Let's have a look at all the best bits of laboratory-grown diamonds.


Price history

60% cheaper than natural diamond? That is so 2020.

Let's take a look at the recent pricing history of laboratory-grown diamonds.

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Nothing lasts forever

This latest documentary discusses the conflict in our industry between diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds.

Review coming soon

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Most diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds have laser inscriptions and possibly an accompanying report.

There are many stones out there that don't.


Even more troubling, there are counterfeit laser inscriptions on some laboratory-grown diamonds that link to natural diamond reports.

It is of upmost importance that we are able to separate diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds. 



The identification and disclosure of laboratory-grown diamonds is an absolute priority. Accidentally purchasing or mis-selling an undisclosed laboratory-grown diamond can cost us our reputation as well as cause financial damage.


Fraud is unacceptable but, sadly, occurs. Increasingly, undisclosed laboratory-grown diamonds are being sold back into the jewellery industry via second-hand jewellery.

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Practical workshops

Find it hard to identify laboratory-grown diamonds? Join a workshop and learn effective methods to separate diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds.

Natural versus laboratory-grown diamonds

Not always possible but a darn good skill to have. All you need is magnification! And knowledge and experience... Gotta start somewhere! Let's start here...

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Top 5


From how they are grown to the mining that is involved - find out the biggest misconceptions about laboratory-grown diamonds.

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