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Understanding Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Learn all about laboratory-grown diamonds and explore ways to help us identify them.

"Everything was done so simply yet extremely informative"


Participants in this intensive one-day workshop will acquire a wealth of knowledge about the production and background of laboratory-grown diamonds, enabling them to confidently engage with clients on this important topic. 


  • Lectures of production, misconceptions, and sales tips.

  • Practical demonstrations on screening equipment.

  • Discover the factors one should consider regarding quality control.

  • Gather advice on labelling and describing these products to make sure compliance with Trading Standards. 

Course details

A practical workshop designed for everyone working with diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds.


This course:

  • One-day (7 hour) workshop

  • CPD Accredited

  • Course Completion Certificate

£1500 /day*

Starting Price

0% VAT 

*Price for full-day workshop for 4 participants. Supplementary fee for additional participants. 

*Increased fee if flights are required.

How to arrange

This workshop is only available for organisations and instore workshops.



The passion and knowledge that Julia had on Laboratory grown diamonds was exceptional. I loved hearing everything she knew and could teach.

Houldens Group Member

I would say the most helpful thing was getting to know more about the history and likely trajectory of Laboratory grown diamonds, it has already altered our plans as a business."

Houldens Group Member

I enjoyed the whole course so it would be very hard to pick a favourite part. Everything was done so simply yet extremely informative!

Houldens Group Member

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