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FREE Download - Terminology Guide inline with UK Trading Standards

By Julia Griffith


What's in a name? Well, everything actually. Names and descriptions matter when trading products. For clear communication across the whole industry and beyond, we should all stick to the correct terminology.

Here's a FREE printable guide inline with The World Jewellery Confederation and UK Trading Standards:

Terminology - Printable guide A4 Document
Download PDF • 56KB


Terminology can be one of the most difficult things to get right.

Abbreviations, marketing angles, and peer pressure can influence us to use terms that are convenient rather than ones that are inline with Trading Standards.

Let's run through the basic terminology guidelines for laboratory-grown diamonds.


  1. Laboratory-grown diamond

  2. Laboratory-created diamond

  3. Synthetic diamond

That is it.

Any other name is improper disclosure.

This means...

X No abbreviations

This is an awkward one...

'Lab-grown' and 'lab-created' are specifically excluded in the terminology guidelines used by UK Trading Standards. Use the full name.

X Do not refer to them as just 'diamonds'

By default, using the word

'diamond' on its own refers to natural diamond and could be confusing to clients who engage with your marketing.

X Avoid terms such as 'real' or 'genuine'

Just as you would avoid the terms 'fake' or 'faux'.

All of these descriptions are incorrect and misleading for laboratory-grown diamonds.

Download the guide below and print it for your sales staff and marketing team.

Terminology - Printable guide A4 Document
Download PDF • 56KB

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