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Laboratory-grown diamonds |

Answers to common questions

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How to answer 5 top consumer questions like a pro.

Get all the information you need to confidently discuss laboratory-grown diamonds. Boost your expertise and influence with this new online course designed for all members of the jewellery industry.

Do you dread customer questions about laboratory-grown diamonds? Want to get your facts right?  Master the answers to the most common consumer questions with this new online course.

Laboratory-grown diamonds (a.k.a. synthetic diamonds) are the hottest products right now. Whether you sell them or not, everyone is talking about them and consumers want to know more! Hey, you're the one who works in the jewellery business so you have all the answers, right?

Gulp. There's so much to know! Discussing laboratory-grown diamonds can be hard. Especially when you feel you only have half the information. How can you quickly get all the answers you need? Allow me to offer you a shortcut solution...

By the time you finish this course, you will no longer dread questions about laboratory-grown diamonds. You'll welcome them! You will be able to confidently discuss key talking points with clients and colleagues. Boost your expertise and increase your influence with this latest course from The Gem Academy.


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Your tutor

Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG, Founder of The Gem Academy, is a respected educator in the gem and jewellery industry. With over 10 years of teaching experience and 2 years dedicated research to laboratory-grown diamonds, Julia will boost your expertise with her easy-to-follow courses. 

The Gem Academy | Course Reviews

"Amazing Julia! Thank you so much. Excellent coverage of the topics in a logical, well-thought-out fashion. Extremely interesting and challenging in parts. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that asks... this information is rapidly becoming essential, not optional."

 - Anna D, U.K
Ultimate Guide to Laboratory-grown Diamonds

"Wow! What a thorough and enjoyable course. I really feel like I have a far greater knowledge of synthetic diamonds now. Thank you Julia. Fantastic course and I feel much more confident in identifying lab-grown diamonds now."

 - Sammantha M, U.K
Ultimate Guide to Laboratory-grown Diamonds

"I thought the way the course was laid out was superbly well thought out. It was very user-friendly, the videos are nice as it feels like you have a guide in Julia as you progress. The quizzes at the end of each section were great, as they make you think and log what you have learned. Thanks again, Julia!"

- David C, U.K.
Ultimate Guide to Laboratory-grown Diamonds

​"Thank you, Julia. The course provided a clear knowledge and understanding of laboratory-grown diamonds. I particularly enjoyed the combination of power points, lectures and video clips throughout the course. Thank you for sharing your expertise, in a friendly professional format."

-Lee-ona L, U.K
Ultimate Guide to Laboratory-grown Diamonds
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