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Are diamonds a part of your profession?

If so, your knowledge on laboratory-grown diamonds is vital.

Welcome to The Gem Academy, your ultimate resource for comprehensive education and reliable identification advice.

Explore engaging online courses, immersive hands-on workshops, and personalised one-to-one consultancy sessions. With guidance from industry expert Julia Griffith, you'll elevate your expertise and deepen your understanding.


Here at The Gem Academy, we provide the tools and support you need to confidently thrive in your field.

Let's see what THE GEM ACADEMY can do for you...

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Identifying Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Next date TBC (end of September/ early October)

The Goldsmith Centre, London

Practical Workshops

Get the experience you need.

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It was simply excellent. If you work with diamonds... you need to do this workshop.

Online Courses

Learn your way. In your own time. At your own pace.

Our online courses are easy to follow yet comprehensive.

The Gem Academy has not disappointed me yet... This is simply the most comprehensive and easiest to learn resource for laboratory-grown diamonds.

Gain sparkling insights into volume, sizes, and qualities of laboratory-grown diamonds...


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Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG

I'm Julia Griffith -  the gemmologist dedicated to your understanding of laboratory-grown diamonds.

This website is full of helpful information and I'm also please to offer online courses, instore training, and practical workshops.

Enjoy perusing THE GEM ACADEMY - 

click here to contact me directly!

Find out more about Julia

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