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Do Laboratory-Grown Diamonds Fade Over Time? Debunking the Myth.

By Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG

There’s a widespread misconception that laboratory-grown diamonds fade over time. Time to set the record straight and spread some diamond knowledge.

Diamonds are awesome with incredibly properties. Hence, laboratory-grown diamonds are also awesome with incredible properties. They are the same material!

The truth is, laboratory-grown diamonds are just as dazzling and everlasting as their natural counterparts. They have to be! They're ‘diamond’, with the same essential chemical and structural properties to natural diamonds.

The key difference is their origin and value. Natural diamonds form deep within the Earth's crust over millions of years, while laboratory-grown diamonds are created in growth facilities.


So, do these laboratory-grown beauties lose their sparkle over time? Absolutely not. Here's why:

Laboratory-grown diamonds are made of pure carbon atoms arranged in the crystal lattice structure, just like natural diamonds. The crystal structure of diamond and laboratory-grown diamonds is incredibly dense and strong.

Without significant energy, such as heat, pressure or radiation, nothing is changing this structure. Those atoms are in it for the long haul and nothing in a day-to-day environment is going to affect them.

This means they can’t possibly ‘fade’ or ‘go cloudy’. They won't fade or lose their shine because their chemical makeup remains unchanged.



Maintaining the sparkle:

To keep any stone sparkling, they do need to be clean. To keep a laboratory-grown diamond looking its best, all it needs is some simple TLC - regular cleaning. This will remove any dirt or grime that may dull the stone's brilliance as dirt caught behind the stone does affect the beauty seen from above.

In conclusion, the myth that laboratory-grown diamonds fade over time is nothing more than a glimmer of misinformation. So, don't hesitate to embrace the sparkle of diamonds and laboratory-grown diamond as their brilliance will shine on for millenia.


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