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A quick and comprehensive guide to diamond types.

Diamonds are categorised into diamond "types".  
Understanding diamond types is key for detecting diamonds that are potentially laboratory-grown or colour-treated.  Master this topic with this new online mini course; Diamond Types: Explained by The Gem Academy.


  • Designed for gemmology students and graduates.

  • Lessons are delivered in a variety of way to effectively teach a variety of learner types.

  • Over 20 minutes of video.

  • Student workbook.

  • Mini quizzes throughout.

  • Tutor/peer forums.

  • Hosted on an optimised teaching website (teachables), designed to provide an interactive learning experience.

  • The course is accessible on a computer, iPad and smartphone in any place that the student has internet connection.

  • This course takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

  • Unlimited personal access to the course (and all future updates) for the lifetime of the course.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Graduates receive a certificate of completion from The Gem Academy.

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Course details

You will learn:

  • All diamond types in detail.

  • How to draw a comprehensive diagram explaining all the diamond types.

  • How the different diamond types form.

  • The differing properties of each diamond type.

  • The importance of testing diamond type for detecting synthetic (laboratory-grown) diamonds.

  • The importance of testing diamond type for detecting colour-treated diamonds.

  • An introduction for how to test for diamond type.

Online course

Entry requirements

None. Novice to intermediate level.

Time commitment

2-3 hours


VAT included

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Unlimited personal access

including all future updates

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Certificates of completion

30-day money-back guarantee

Your Instructor

Julia Griffith is the course creator of this mini online course and is your go-to guide if you have any questions during your studies.

Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG course instructor for laboratory-grown diamond online course instructor/tutor in gemmology

Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG

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Is this course appropriate for experienced gemmologists?

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Recent reviews

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I enjoyed this course so much! I have learnt loads and it's been fascinating. I liked the mix of video and written information, and your infographics are amazing, just spot on. I liked the way the tests worked too, really good to have quizzes along the way to reinforce what's been learnt. I also liked the fact that start/end dates were flexible - such a help! Such a great course and great value for money - can't wait for the next one!

 - Helen F., U.K.

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You have created a truly magnificent course. I love the structure and breakdown of all the diamond types, and I will be highly recommended anyone studying gemmology or diamonds to do your amazing course as addition to their studies. I love the layout and presentation of the course so easy to navigate, I especially loved the infographics and being able to fill in the workbook what a great addition. Looking forward to seeing what future courses you create.

 - Carina T., U.K.

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Once again, Julia, you have nailed it I feel. Having been studying the Diamond Diploma this massively helped me. The infographics and the videos are just spot on! I am very excited to see what course is next!

 - David C., U.K.

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Julia, what an excellent mini course, really well presented and easy to follow, superb charts and infographics, mini quizzes to make sure the info is being retained as you go along, great refresher too, and all done in an evening so it fits in with the day job!

 - Shirley M., U.K.

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