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Become an expert in laboratory-grown diamonds with this comprehensive, step-by-step online course.

Millions of laboratory-grown diamonds are being released into the jewellery market every month.  Contradictory to common belief, the majority of these have high colour grades (D-E-F), great clarities (VS2 and above) and can be very difficult to detect... but not impossible.

On completion of this course, you will know all about the history of laboratory-grown diamonds, how they are grown and how this differs to natural diamond.  You will have advanced knowledge of the different production processes and know the current quality standards and sizes produced today. You will learn which diamond types and colours can be grown by HPHT and CVD diamond synthesis, and learn how these stones can be treated to create other colours.

Importantly, you will be taught all the methods of identification - mainly focusing on how to separate these stones from natural diamonds. You will learn all the tests available to you; from observation and basic tests through to advanced tests and equipment designed specifically for the separation of laboratory-grown diamonds.

You will have direct access to your tutor during the course (and beyond), and will have unlimited personal access to the course materials - including all future updates!

All this is packaged in a user-friendly, step-by-step course that has been designed for effective and entertaining learning. Teaching styles include; video, animation, PDF downloads, infographics, quizzes, slideshows, written text and tutor/peer forums.

The prevalence of laboratory-grown diamond is on the rise - what are you waiting for? Get the best education available on this subject and join the ultimate online course on laboratory-grown diamonds.

"Thank you so much for providing this wonderful opportunity and sharing all the very valuable information. "Ultimate" is definitely the correct subtitle for this course."

 - Andrew L, U.K.

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Graduates of this course will have a wealth of knowledge that can be used to confidently discuss, analyse and identify laboratory-grown from natural diamonds. This course delivers practical knowledge for the identification of diamonds as well as acting as a lifetime reference of up-to-date information on this important and complex topic.


  • The course is hosted on an optimised teaching website (teachables), designed to provide an interactive learning experience.

  • The course is accessible on computer, iPad and smartphone in any place that the student has internet connection.

  • The lessons are delivered in a variety of way to appeal to a wide range of learner types; audio-visual, video, animation, images, diagrams, infographics, summary sheets and written.

  • This course takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete, however, students can enjoy unlimited personal access to the course and all future updates.

  • This course is accredited by The CPD Certification Service.

  • Graduates receive certificates of completion from both the Gem Academy and The CPD Certification Service.

Course details

Designed for gemmologists.


This course is divided into two parts; Part 1 is theory-based and Part 2 is practical-based.

  • All basic terminology and concepts are covered before approaching complex lessons.

  • Lessons are delivered by video, animation, written word, infographics, diagrams, images and summary sheets.

  • Assessment involves mini-quizzes and two marked final tests (75% pass rate). 

  • Approximately 40 hours of study material.

  • Total of 200 course pages.

  • Over 40 short videos.

Online course

Entry requirements

None. However, designed for graduate gemmologist and gemmology students.


Split payments available

+ VAT 

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Certificates of completion

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30-day money-back guarantee

Course preview

Course overview

This course is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Core knowledge of laboratory-grown diamonds

Part 2: How to identify laboratory-grown diamonds


A graded multiple-choice quiz must be completed for each part of the course to achieve a certificate of completion. This require a pass grade of 75% and can be taken multiple times.

A certificate of completion is awarded for each part of the course from both The Gem Academy and The CPD Certification service.

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Multi-media lessons including audio-visual, written and diagrammatic.

Untitled design-4.jpg

Summary sheets 

for main concepts and lessons.

Untitled design-4.jpg

Mini quizzes 
to consolidate the key points for each section.

CPD accredited member and provider - online course in laboratory grown diamonds and gemmology

This course is accredited by The CPD Certification Service

"Amazing! Excellent coverage of the topics in a logical, well thought out fashion. Extremely interesting and challenging in parts. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that asks... This information is rapidly becoming essential not optional."

 - Anna D, U.K.

Your Instructor

Julia Griffith is the course creator of this ultimate online course and is your go-to guide if you have any questions during your studies.

Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG course instructor for laboratory-grown diamond online course instructor/tutor in gemmology

Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG

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I work in the diamond industry - will this course be useful?

Is this course appropriate for experienced gemmologists?

What makes this course different to other diamond courses?

Do I gain qualifications from completing this course?

What does CPD mean?

How long will it take to complete this course?

Course reviews

Ultimate LGD reviews
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Great course - nice balance of material and very polished presentations/instruction material. I'm sure I'll be coming back to use the reference material frequently!

 - Carolyn B., U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

Superb course. The amount of work you have put in is enormous. I greatly appreciate having all this information collated and laid out so succinctly. Thank you Julia!

 - Sherril D., U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

Absolutely wonderful! This second part of the Course is highly useful from a practical perspective. The information is presented in a logical and precise format which made me think hard. All the sections will be of great benefit as a source of Reference, particularly when presented with diamonds which need further screening. I think the most important lesson is knowing when to refer a suspected LG diamond to Advanced Testing after all the basic testing has been done and is inconclusive. Thank you again, I highly recommend this Course to anyone who may be interested in this very important and very challenging aspect of our trade.

 - Andrew L, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

Julia, you did a great job with this course. It gives a lot of inside information, the opportunity to repeat some stuff (like the diamond types). I loved your short summary video's because that makes it personal. And your instant feedback on questions is also wonderful because most of the time you are still in that section. Your graphics are clear, sharp and to the point. Despite being a GG I have learned a lot. So for sure this course keeps you up to date with the current playfield of lab-grown diamonds.

 - Laetitia R, The Netherlands

Untitled design.jpg

Amazing Julia! Thank you so much. Excellent coverage of the topics in a logical, well thought out fashion. Extremely interesting and challenging in parts. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that asks... this information is rapidly becoming essential not optional.

 - Anna D, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

What a superb course! Excellently written and presented in a well thought out, logical format. Very thorough, covered every aspect of laboratory-grown diamonds from the growth processes, identification and treatments, great videos and infographics too! Definitely worth doing, well done!!

The second part of this course covers the advanced technical elements in an equally logical and well laid out format. A deeper understanding of the basic testing screening equipment, advanced testing instruments and how they can be used to detect laboratory grown diamonds, including the expected fluorescence and strain patterns etc. This course is superbly written, supported by videos, infographics, images, links to external sources where appropriate, all in all, an absolutely excellent course. Well done Julia!

 - Shirley M, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

Fantastic and brilliant course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is generally interested in synthetic diamonds or who is a gemmologist. Julia has created a course that explores all areas of synthetic diamonds (HPHT & CVD) from history, growth, treatments and to the market place. The course is presented by slides, infographics and videos which is easy to follow. Definitely worth every penny. Thank you very much Julia.

 - Mara H, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

A very well thought out and researched course that I really enjoyed! I feel most gemmological qualifications lack in the synthetic department but this course really helped build on the foundations I learnt during my FGA and DGA. It covers absolutely everything you could want or need to know about LGD's. I really liked the addition of the quizzes at the end of each chapter. Well done Julia for creating such a fantastic course with such great content!


Part II was a fantastic addition. Very well thought out and a very natural progression from part I. Really went into depth on all of the different observations and tests, a very useful guide to come back to for refreshing. The whole course has been very in-depth throughout, there isn’t anything else i wish i could have learnt, Julia has done a fanatic job of including absolutely everything you could want or need to know about the subject. Well done Julia, your labour of love has really paid off.

 - Leigh D, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

Thank you, Julia. The course provided a clear knowledge and understanding of laboratory-grown diamonds. I particularly enjoyed the combination of power points, lectures and video clips throughout the course. Although, to be honest the mini quiz at the end of each section was my favourite, Thank you for sharing your expertise, in a friendly professional format.

Thank you Julia, Not sure which part was my favourite both fundamental within our industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed educating myself through your online course. Hope to see you soon, Best wishes

- Lee-ona L, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

Thank you for preparing such a well researched, comprehensive and structured Course. The videos and slideshows enhance the learning experience and kept me engaged throughout. Some of the information provided was completely new to me and I was intrigued to learn more as I progressed. The final Exam in Part 1 is challenging and certainly made me think. Thank you Julia.

- Andrew L, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

I thought the way the course was laid out was superbly well thought out. It was very user friendly, the videos are nice as it feels like you have a guide in Julia as you progress. The quizzes at the end of each section were great, as they make you think and log what you have learned. Thanks again Julia!

 - David C, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

Wow! What a thorough and enjoyable course. I really feel like I have a far greater knowledge of synthetic diamonds now. Thank you Julia. Fantastic course and I feel much more confident in identifying lab-grown diamonds now.

 - Sammantha M, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

OMG!! This was very challenging and interesting course!! I had to use translator, but I also learned new vocabulary at the same time. I am already a graduated gemologist D.G.Fin, in Finland. I got so much more confidence to discuss this topic now also with English speaking gemology colleagues. It appreciated being able to return back to repeat things. Thank you so much, Julia!! I can't wait your other future gemology extra education online course like this!

 - Teresa M H, Finland.

Untitled design.jpg

Moving onto Part 2 was a really enjoyable progression. It has certainly made me more aware of the features that I need to be aware of when looking out for Lab Grown Diamonds. The level of knowledge offered in this course is pretty impressive, and I am sure I will be re-visiting to refresh myself from time to time. Thanks Julia!

 - David C, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

As a graduated gemologist in Finland, (D.G.Fin), I found this Ultimate Laboratory-grown Diamond Course very, very specific and useful to complete and deepen my professional knowledge in this field - also in English.

 - Teresa M H, Finland.

Untitled design.jpg

A very enjoyable course.  A great deal of detailed information that has been well thought out and presented in a logical user friendly manner, leading well from one chapter to the next. The use of quizzes throughout help to assimilate the information and the final test is definitely exercise for the brain.  Thank you Gem Academy.

 - Sherril D, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

I am loving the course, the clarity and user friendly interface is a joy to use...

Thank you for producing such a fine piece of very relevant training for all of us to engage with.

 - Andrew Lamputt, U.K.

Untitled design.jpg

I'm really loving the course already - very clear, very well set out and presented,

and feels like a natural progression after the diamond diploma.

 - Carolyn, The Netherlands

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