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Workshop Reviews

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"Amazing workshop where you'll gain lots of knowledge with an excellent tutor"

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Louisa Guiness

Jewellery Gallery Owner

"Really an excellent day, Julia is full of information, has a great disposition and makes it all fun, interesting and useful." 

Melanie Charter

Jewellery Valuer

"5 star workshop for anyone wanting to learn how to identify lab grown diamonds."

Bianca Klein


"Do it if you work with diamonds - it's a must!"

Damon Barker - Jewellery Retail Owner

"An outstanding course. The challenge of separating Laboratory Grown Diamonds from natural, mined stones was de-mystified and proof too that standard gemmological techniques can get you the results you need. If you are a valuer, a business owner or a jewellery professional then this is a 'must attend' course.
I can't recommend it highly enough."
Princess Cut Diamond

Liz Corser

"Very professional, comprehensive and friendly event. Interesting cross-section of students and absolutely worth attending."

Ruth Davis

"It's given me much more confidence when dealing with synthetic diamonds and my ability to identify them from natural diamonds."

Daniela Gruzo

"Fantastic! Taught with so much dedication, very well delivered and presented! Julia is also very friendly and approachable which makes an immense difference."
"This workshop is an absolute must for all gemmologists, valuers and jewellery professionals. The day is exceptionally well structured with plenty of stones for participants to inspect and screen using the instruments available. I genuinely cannot fault it and thoroughly recommend to all."

Shelley Keating - Soon to be Jewellery Valuer

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