Here at The Gem Academy, we believe that online courses should not be comparable to a classroom or a book. They have the opportunity to bring a whole new kind of experience.

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Being online opens up so many possibilities.  Lessons can be recorded, animated and transcripted.  They can be written, pictorial and audio-visual.  They can link to additional resources, give direct contact to a teacher and allow for conversations between peers.  A mixture of teaching styles gives students the best tools for learning, as well as keeping the learner engaged.


The Gem Academy offers courses that utilise all this flexibility of being online.

Each course from The Gem Academy has been built to work with the online space.  We offer you close-up visuals, video, animations, infographics and chat-forums.  All of this is accessible on an easy-to-use platform on your computer, iPad or smartphone, and is delivered in a logical step-by-step manner.  


 These courses are comprehensive and full of​ detailed explanations. All of this is broken down into digestible chunks so that even the most complex topics can be understood.

We aim to give you a transformative learning experience; giving you more knowledge, more experience, and more confidence.  Let's get started.

Benefits from learning with us

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All courses are CPD accredited by The CPD Certification Service.  

This gives a graduate student official CPD hours and points.

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Access for life

Students have "access for life" to each course they purchase, which includes all future course updates. 

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Varied lessons

The Gem Academy appreciates that everyone has a preferred learning style.  We have built our courses with this in mind to ensure all students gain a top-notch learning experience.

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Peer-tutor forums

Peer-tutor forums are available on each lesson page.  You will receive a speedy response with an enthusiastic, comprehensive answer.

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Flexible learning times

Want to start a course right now? Be our guest!

As soon as you sign up - you can start.  There is no set deadline so you can complete each lesson when it suits you. 

You are the master of your own schedule.

CPD accredited member and provider - online course in laboratory grown diamonds and gemmology
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How we got started

The Gem Academy launched in November 2020 following the craze of online webinars that surged in Spring/Summer 2020 due to the initial Covid-19 lockdowns.

I, Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG (formerly known as jewelleryadvisor), was amongst the earliest providers of these webinars, which were provided in association with gem-education giant; Gem-A.  


My talks focused on specialised areas within gemmology.  Ones that require extra explanation, work and research to truly understand, and which many gem & jewellery professionals, myself included, benefit from learning more about.


The response from my gem-loving peers was incredible.  All 400 webinar spaces would book out within an hour or two of registration opening, and I received dozens of messages expressing appreciation for covering these harder-to-understand topics.

This experience gave me the idea to start an education platform that offers specialised courses focusing on specific areas within gemmology.  Such courses are perfect for those wanting to learn a particular area in-depth in gemmology that is relevant for them, and also for those that wish to build on their knowledge from previous gemmological qualifications.

Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG gemmologist and professional gems and gemmology educator. Course creator at The Gem Academy online education platform.

Currently, The Gem Academy is a one-man-band.  I, Julia Griffith FGA DGA, started this journey of entrepreneurship on my own in November 2020.

In reality, nothing is the product of just one person.  We all have teams of friends, family and colleagues helping us out in more ways than they often realise. 


In celebration of getting by with a little help from my friends

I wish to officially honour those who have been particularly kind and helpful on this special acknowledgement page.

The team