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Full review of the ARi - the latest diamond screening tool by Presidium

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

By Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG

Founder & Course Creator


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The second YouTube video by THE GEM ACADEMY is here! This time it's all about the Ari by Presidium. This screening tool was designed to help detect laboratory-grown diamonds mounted in jewellery.

Mounted diamonds are notoriously more difficult to test. Especially when the stones are small, or if they are within a closed-back setting. This equipment is designed for testing colourless stones that are well-cut, as the equipment relies on total internal reflection (TIR) to assess and analysis the stone. Check out how to use the ARi by Presidium in this awesome YouTube video by THE GEM ACADEMY:

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The Ari by Presidium uses UV light to excite the stone and detects particular absorption features from the light returned from the stone. This equipment is designed to test and identify well-cut natural diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds and even synthetic moissanite. These stones must be within the colourless (D-J) colour range to obtain accurate results. Please watch this video for limitations of this equipment. Where the equipment analyses the light that is return from the stone, the shape and quality of cut affects the accuracy of this test.

This YouTube video was written, produced and edited by Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG. Julia discusses the theory behind why the ARi works, how to use the equipment, as well as a full review discussing all the limitations she has found when testing her own laboratory-grown diamond collection.

This video also refers to the results obtained from the ASSURE Testing Program. This program rigorously tests screening equipment designed for laboratory-grown diamond identification. It is run by the Natural Diamond Council, and releases its results for free. This is an excellent resource for those thinking about purchasing detection equipment for laboratory-grown diamonds. Check out the ASSURE Testing Program for yourself.


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