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Spring 2023

 PART 2: Quality & Shape 

Welcome back!

Welcome to the eagerly anticipated second installment of our online report! This time, we're focusing on shapes and qualities of laboratory-grown diamonds. Discovered through the analysis of major wholesale platforms. Let's go!

The qualities of laboratory-grown diamonds are increasing every year. The findings of this report may surprise you as the qualities are even better than expected!

Let's find out the common colours, clarities, and shapes of laboratory-grown diamonds on the market.

This report utilises multiple resources to bring you these insights.  We'll mainly focus on data obtained from one major online wholesaler and more than 300,000 stones.

This information is correct for 15/03/2023.


REPORT charts - march 2023-2.jpg

Laboratory-grown diamonds in numbers


Colour grades

Overall, the equivalent colour grades of laboratory-grown diamonds are exceptionally high. The majority of them are completely colourless.

This report finds that 65% of laboratory-grown diamonds are equivalent to D-E-F colour grades. 

Approximately 2% are equivalent to 'J' or below.

March 2023 - colour all.jpg

Breakdown of HPHT v CVD colour grades