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How To Choose an Excellent Quality Diamond

Target audience: Consumer Are you fed up with research on diamonds? Struggling to know which resources you can trust? Do you just want to know the answers? Then this webinar is for YOU!

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How To Choose an Excellent Quality Diamond
How To Choose an Excellent Quality Diamond

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About the Workshop

This webinar is for people who are in the process of selecting a diamond for purchase - for engagement rings, gifts or self-love.

The issue with buying diamonds is that there are hundreds of diamond grade combinations, which all affect the price of the diamond - however, all of them look pretty similar to an untrained-eye, don't they?

What grading standards are unneccessary and what grading standards are crucial to ensure a beautiful stone?

Come to a jewellery professional you can trust who will guide you to which grade combinations equal a truly beautiful diamond.

This webinar will give you;

  • An overview to how each 'C' affects the stone
  • The minimum recommended ranges clarity, cut, colour and fluorescence

This webinar is not about to tell you to go an seek a D-colour, flawless diamond. No. 

This webinar will give you the diamond grading ranges which will ensure you purchase a diamond of excellent quality whilst allowing some wiggle-room for grades and price - with neglible effects on the appearance of the diamond.

This webinar is for people who:

  • Are looking for an impartial, trustworthy source of information
  • Care about the quality of the diamond they purchase
  • Want the necessary information without spending hours on research

This webinar is NOT for people who:

  • Want to know the best way to save money on a diamond
  • Are willing to compromise on quality for price
  • Would like to learn about diamond grading in detail

There is nothing bad about the points listed above - its just this particular webinar isn't for you, however this webinar would be perfect for you: How to buy a diamond; How to get a better price for a diamond without compromising too much on quality.

Webinar content:

  • Introduction to the 4C's
  • Clarity - Minimum ranges
  • Color - Minimum ranges
  • Cut - 'Shape' explained
  • Cut - Minimum ranges
  • Fluorescence
  • Carat Weight - Explained
  • Certificates - Explained


This webinar has been created by jewelleryadvisor, Julia Griffith, who has 5 years of hands-on experience of teaching industry professionals to diamond grade. With the thousands of diamonds she has seen and graded and the hudreds of people she has taught, only a few have learnt the nuances of diamond grading in such detail that they could offer such advice.

The knowledge you learn in this webinar will empower you to purchase a diamond that all industry professionals would agree is a truly beautiful diamond.


  • Buying a Good Quality Diamond

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