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Thinking of training your staff?
Bespoke workshops
Prices start at £1500 for a full-day workshop for 4 participants.
Additional £200 per additional participant.
Maximum of 12 participants per workshop.
Register your interest by filling out the form below:

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You will hear from me within 24 hours :)

*CPD certificate and points available when the content of the workshop follows the accredited workshop syllabus:
Identifying laboratory-grown diamonds.

✓ Avoid buying mistakes

✓ Save time and money on travel

✓ Save money by training all staff at once

✓ Flexible teaching hours to suit your business

✓ Give your staff invaluable experience 

✓ Boost staff morale and dedication

✓ Increase their confidence & abilities

✓ Offer your staff CPD*

✓ Enjoy the convenience of an inhouse event

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