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The Rarest Gems in the World

Diamonds are often thought to be the rarest gemstones in the world... but is that true? Find out here as we discuss the rarity of diamonds and other gemstones that are the epitome of 'rare'.

This engaging online webinar session explores the rarity of diamonds and the rarest gemstones of the world! This session will discuss:

- The rarest types of gems

- The rarest types of diamonds

- One-of-a-kind gemstones


Gems include: - Painite - Taaffeite - Jeremejevite - Grandidierite - Alexandrite - Red Beryl - Cobalt Spinel Fancy diamonds - Ammolite - Burmese Ruby - Kashmir Sapphire - Argyle Pink Diamonds


This webinar is presented by Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG