The Gem Academy: a new brand name

I have decided to rebrand. It was an easy decision as my former brand "jewelleryadvisor" did not reflect my work. I don't advise... and I don't talk about jewellery... so it was quite the misnomer.

The new brand name "The Gem Academy" states my mission exactly. It's all about education of gems. The Gem Academy aims to focus on niche topics within our industry, and I hope, in time, to be the go-to place where gemmologists (and everyone with gemmological training) can gain extra education in the niche topics within our industry; a companion to the gemmological qualifications we get from the large gemmological schools such as Gem-A and the GIA.

My aims are simple really;

- To deliver accurate and in-depth information

- To present this in an accessible-step-by-step way

Right now, The Gem Academy is very much a one-man band (hello!), but do watch this space as webinars, courses and podcasts are heading your way soon.

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