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CPD accredited member and provider - online course in laboratory grown diamonds and gemmology
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and there's never been a more important time to learn about these products

Undisclosed laboratory-grown diamonds are increasingly found in the jewellery market. These can be unknowingly bought by second-hand dealers, retailers, pawnbrokers and auction houses as natural diamonds. What's the worst that can happen if you get it wrong? Well, you could lose your money, reputation and your confidence in your work. In other words - you could lose a lot. This is true whether you are buying, selling or valuing gems and jewellery. There has never been a more crucial time to understand these products and possess the ability to identify them. 

Luckily, it can be easy to separate this stones when you know how (and with some basic equipment!) and you'll never make an identification mistake again. THE GEM ACADEMY is leading the way in education on this all-important subject. Produced by renowned gemmology educator Julia Griffith, you can advance your knowledge, boost your confidence and avoid misidentification. Join one of our online courses or practical workshops today!

In this industry, knowledge is power. 

Let's be powerful together.


"It was simply excellent. If you work with diamonds, unless you've already done this workshop, you need to do this workshop. You don't have time to research and learn all this stuff yourself. Julia hands it to you on a plate. It's not cheap, but it's exceptional value for money, and in the long run will save you time, money and stress."

- Kerry Gregory
WORKSHOP: Identifying  laboratory-grown diamonds

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Hey there

I'm Julia Griffith


Gemstone enthusiasts are amongst the most passionate and information-hungry people I know. When I started a series of webinars offering lessons on specific areas within gemmology, I shouldn't have been surprised that they became incredibly popular with gemmologists and gem-lovers alike! You guys wanted more and more!

This gave me an idea: There are so many courses teaching gemmology - but where do we go from there? Is the learning over? Absolutely not. We can journey SO much deeper into the fascinating world of gemstones. And I'll take you there! 

Read more about  THE GEM ACADEMY here

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"The Gem Academy has not disappointed me yet... Although, they may have ruined other programs for me as this is simply the most comprehensive and easiest to learn resource for laboratory-grown diamonds available."

- Jordan Wentz
Retailer's guide to laboratory-grown diamonds

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