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Brought to you in association with Gem-A

Gem-A Live started on April 1st 2020.  This webinar series consisted of 12 live webinars; 10 of which were written and delivered by me, Julia Griffith.  These webinars were a massive success.  Gem-A went from just over 100 YouTube subscribers to nearly 3000 during the Gem-A live sessions and the videos have collectively gained over 300,000 views. 

Lead Glass-Filled Rubies and Sapphires

Recorded April 1st 2020

Composite Gemstones

Recorded April 8th 2020

Flux-healed Rubies

Recorded April 15th 2020


Recorded April 22nd 2020

Titanium Diffusion in Sapphires

Recorded April 30th 2020

Beryllium Diffusion in Corundum

Recorded May 6th 2020

Recorded May 20th 2020

Laser Drilled Diamonds
Fracture Filling in Gemstones

Recorded May 27th 2020

Manmade Stones Explained

Recorded June 10th 2020

Gems of the UK

Recorded June 17th 2020

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