With special thanks to...

Rona Bierrum

For care and motivation - I see my best friend Rona Bierrum.

Rona is an amazing gemmologist, and I don't know anyone who knows more about the world's finest jewellery houses.  Rona has her own company featuring fine second-hand jewellery called Shiny Pretty Things.  Check it out here.

Elaine Ruddie

Elaine is a marketing genius specialising in the jewellery industry. Elaine helps me gain focus and guides me in the desired direction with her marketing know-how. She's also one of my favourite types of people - a gemmologist!

John Chapman

John is an incredibly knowledgeable gemmologist, especially when it comes to Fancy coloured diamonds and fluorescence. John has been an absolute star and has reviewed my course to check they are accurate as can be.

John owns the gemmological equipment company Gemetrix, and created the valuable testing tools; Jewellery-Inspector, PL-Inspector and Inspectrum.

Egor Gavrilenko

Egor is a fantastic gemmologist who runs the website gems-inclusions.com. Egor is a great photographer and has kindly lent me images as well as helping to review specialist areas of my courses.

Sharrie Woodring

Sharrie is a fantastic gemologist and educator in the New York-based testing laboratory; GCAL.  Sharrie has been extremely helpful in answering my questions and also giving me permission to use some of her amazing microphotographs that she has taken of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Rui Galopim de Carvalho

One of the most loved gemmologists in the business - it's Rui! Rui has been instrumental in firing up my motivation and confidence to do this venture. Rui is a fabulous educator and has a whole series of webinars online also.  Check them out here.

Shirley Mitchell

Shirley is a well-known and loved jewellery independent valuer who has been absolutely incredible in helping to promote The Gem Academy courses to fellow valuers and gemmologists. 

Kerry Gregory

Kerry is the founder of Gemmology Rocks, and is an amazing educator in our industry. She is also amazing at guiding and motivating peers - I've certainly had my fair share of help! Her facebook group is one to follow.


The Jewellery Valuers Association have been hugely supportive of The Gem Academy. I'm very thankful and proud to be a member of this close-knit membership.

Alberto & Mikko

Alberto Scarani and Mikko Åström run Magilabs.  They create advanced gemmological instruments that are portable and accessible in price-point.

They have been most kind in lending me images of their intruments and results and enthusiatically respond to any scientific queries.


The National Association of Jewellers have been wonderful to ask me to speak at their virtual events over the past year, and it has been a pleasure to work with them.


The Gem Certification & Assurance Lab, based in NY, USA, have been so kind to allow me permission to use some of their images within my online courses.


The Gemmological Institute of America has built such an incredible, free online resource by way of the Gems and Gemology publication, and I'm thankful for this resource with every research project I do. They kindly agreed to let me use some of their fantastic images - thank you, GIA!


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