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"Are diamonds really forever?"

Are diamonds really forever? | Webinar
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"Are diamonds really forever?" explores the famous marketing campaign by DeBeers and answers why diamonds truly are forever.... and why they're not.

A diamond is forever' is one of the greatest advertisement slogans of all time ... in fact it's the one thing that most people 'know' about diamonds. But is it true? Are diamonds really forever?

The answer is yes! 
And no… 

Join in for a engaging online webinar session exploring the durability of diamonds. 

This session will discuss:
- The success of the "a diamond is forever" marketing campaign by DeBeers
- The truths behind this slogan
- Why diamonds gained the reputation of being "unbreakable"

- The durability of diamond
- How diamond can be destroyed

This is presented by Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG

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